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Let's dive into your HR-tools together!


At TOBA, we’re committed to ensuring you get the most out of your HR software for scheduling, registration, and personnel management. How? That’s where the Academy comes in.

The Academy is your gateway to a world of knowledge, bridging our experts with your team in both formal and informal settings.

We provide diverse training programs for all users of our Tobacube platforms, whether you’re part of the IT, HR, or any other department. Our training caters to all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned professionals. 


Customised Training

Our training options are not just flexible; they are crafted to fit your unique needs. This means tailoring our training to align with your specific tasks and objectives. Our experts are dedicated to practically supporting your team, enhancing their skills, and broadening their use of the platform. Together, we work towards optimising your processes and boosting efficiency.

Whether you’re part of a small group or a large team, working locally or internationally, TOBA’s training adapts to you. We offer various customised training formats, including:

– Classroom: Learn in a group environment.
– On-demand & on-site: Training wherever and whenever it suits you.
– Train the trainer: Become the expert and share your knowledge within your organisation.

Instructor-led training

The perfect way to enhance your employees’ skills for more effective use of your platform.

Our expert instructors ensure professional knowledge transfer in a live group setting.

Also for employees who want to specialise in specific parts, refresh their knowledge, thoroughly review, or train new team members.

Trainings at TOBA Academy

We’ve put together a new calendar for various courses within our Academy.

You can register using the form below. All courses are offered in Dutch or French and take place from 09:00 to 16:30. If the language or period you require is currently unavailable, please check our website for updates and additions.

The price? €425 per participant. Lunch? Included!

Starting Administrator @ TobaHR
11/06/2024 – Dutch

Reporting @ TobaHR
14/05/2024 – Dutch


Toba Academy