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Effortless planning becomes a reality with TOBA.

Manage your capacity

Our automated planner is a game-changer, designed to save you time and offer peace of mind.

Tailored to your company’s specific criteria, it effortlessly creates the ideal schedule. Whether your focus is on cost-efficiency, equitable distribution, or customising schedules to fit individual employee needs, our planner handles it all.

It’s not just about planning; it’s about achieving the ideal balance in every schedule.

Your benefits
End-to-end solution
Automating repetitive tasks and puzzle-solving saves time for additional value-adding work.
Reduced capacity waste
Autoplan processes all rules, preferences, and dependencies with a single click to create a perfect schedule, allowing everyone to be deployed according to their strengths and only deployed when and on tasks where they can truly make a difference.
Employee satisfaction
A tailored schedule avoids frustrations about unnecessary travel time, work perceived as meaningless, envy due to unequal remuneration for similar tasks, and many other factors that can eventually lead your employees to disengage.
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