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Looking to boost employee engagement? At TOBA, we make this effortlessly possible for you and your company. How? Through our extensive range of employee self-service tools!

Employee Self services
One- and two-way communication
Involve your employees

Allow your employees to manage their own leave, shift swaps, preferred shifts, waitlists, task requests, training programs, indicate commuting preferences, and claim expense reimbursements. Our employee self-service tools make all of this achievable. From a PC, laptop, or smartphone, individuals can access their information at any time and from anywhere, allowing them to conveniently update their data on their own.

But that’s not all.

Would you prefer your company to communicate with its employees, or do you encourage direct communication among them?
There’s no longer any justification for excluding your employees from anything. When employees feel involved, they simply feel better.

Your benefits
Employee Experience
Provide an intuitive employee experience with the insights and tools your employees need to perform their work better, more efficiently, and with greater satisfaction.
Work-life balance
Our self-service solutions empower employees with the autonomy and flexibility to maintain control.
Connect with your employees
Enable constant communication, knowledge sharing and feedback to promote transparency and smooth availability of information.
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