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In HR, it's not just about working; it's about making every element work for you – especially your data. At TOBA, we're passionate about putting your data to work.

Time Tracking Systems
Put your data to work

Our solution opens up endless possibilities for data utilisation. With it, you can harness all the information about scheduling, performance, illness and more for in-depth analysis or dashboard integration.

This not only strengthens your HR policies but also enhances your payroll calculations, as everything is seamlessly connected to our payroll administration tools.

It’s a proven fact: making your data work harder works wonders.

Your benefits
Accurate payroll calculation
All relevant data flows timely and accurately into payroll calculations thanks to interfaces with all social secretariats in Belgium and other payroll solutions used by our clients.
Action-supporting visualization
Gain data-based insights into all your HR processes to make faster and better decisions.
External integrations
Numerous integrations possible with 3rd party tools, such as payroll tools, ERP packages, and Business Intelligence solutions.
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