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Planning, recording hours through clock-in/clock-out or web clocks, processing performance, and managing your HR administration? We can do it all, flexible and tailored to your needs.

Staff Scheduling
Time Tracking and Performance Management
Digital staff files
Asset management
Manage your workforce

At TOBA, we offer tools for staff scheduling – crucial for efficiently creating high-performing rosters – and time tracking. Moreover, we provide a complete module for creating and managing staff files.

Staff Scheduling
Scheduling in compliance with legislation, collective agreements, and internal arrangements.

Time Tracking and Performance Management
Clocking in and out, absence management.

HR Administration
Digital staff files, management of employee equipment (fleet, IT equipment, software,…)

Your benefits
Range of scheduling techniques
Cyclical patterns (shift patterns), supported scheduling, self-scheduling, and preference-based scheduling are just a few offerings in TobaCube. This allows for the optimal deployment of employees competencies.
Always up-to-date
The accurate application of labor laws in scheduling within TobaCube has been presented and validated multiple times by the Federal Public Service Employment, Labor, and Social Dialogue.
Extremely configurable
Virtually everything within TobaCube can be easily tailored to the users’ preferences.
Absolute market leader
In the healthcare sector, in Belgium and Luxembourg.
They already chose Toba