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Connecting Work, Planning & People


Discover the all-in-one solution for seamless scheduling, time tracking, staff management, and talent development.

TOBA streamlines every aspect of planning and human capital management, offering simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips.
Taking away all your worries with tools for staff scheduling, training, performance management, and more. Much more.

Our software? It’s user-friendly, fully customizable to meet your unique needs, and modular to fit any business size.
Our mission? To simplify your HR processes, making your work life effortlessly efficient.

Why choose TOBA?

TOBA is your high-performing hub for talent intelligence

A solution for planning your workforce, time tracking & performance management, HR administration, and the full lifecycle management of your talents, seamlessly exchanging performance data with your payroll tool.

Our systems help over 300,000 people with their scheduling and management tasks.

More than 600 clients enthusiastically use our products daily, leading to positive outcomes for their entire organization.

And that excites us in return!

Our value propositions
Reliable innovation
A swift follow-up keeps our solutions future-proof. TOBA is a developer, owner, and integrator.
Built on 20 years of intensive co-creation partnership with our clients.
Digital support for the entire employee lifecycle and integration with over 50 different external packages is possible.
Easy to use on any device - PC, laptop, tablet, or phone - thanks to the web application combined with our mobile app.
Discover TOBA!
A look at our clients