Follow all career steps with one solution: from recruitment to retirement.

Toba HR Solutions automates and streamlines all processes in human capital: planning, remuneration, training, administration, management ... User-friendly, modular, flexible and customized.

Toba HR Solutions is the absolute market leader for human capital solutions in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More than 300.000 active people are already being scheduled through our systems. More than 500 satisfied customers use our products, which have a proven positive impact on the entire organization.

Our sectors

Proven solutions in planning, time registration and people management. With a positive impact of efficiency, costs, time savings and quality.
Makes managing a healthcare organisation with 24/7 services, 365 days a year, workable again for everyone.
Streamlines planning based on the production process, less so on filling shifts.
Looking for flexibility, cost efficient staffing, ecological and economic planning? Look no further.
A great shopping experience for your customers starts with efficiently scheduled and therefore happy employees.
If quality and customer focus determine everything, then make sure both customers and employees feel good.

Waarom kiezen voor Toba HR Solutions?

1Complete package: all human capital processes in one solution
2Insured follow-up of changes in social and labor legislation
3Sound innovation: rapid follow-up keeps our solutions future-proof

Onze producten

The platform for people management: integrates training, e-learning, evalution & competence management and more.
The complete solution for planning, performance management and the link with external salary packages or social security services.
Employees can consult the various different modules via all devices. All our products are substantiated with a strong employee self-service.
How are the hours worked recorded, via clocks, card punching clocks or web clocks? Tribe Timer can do it all.

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