TobaHR Academy

Get more from your HR products


Get more from your HR products for planning, registration and personnel management with the new Toba HRAcademy. Our Academy is mainly focused on the formal and informal transfer of knowledge between our consultants and your collaborators.


Toba HR Solutions has an extensive training portfolio for all employees who use our Tobacube platforms: IT, HR or other departments. The content is adapted to the level: from beginner to master, from specifically HR content to specifically IT content, from training for trainers to certification.


  • Instructor-led:  The best way to improve the skills of your employees for more efficient use of your platform. Our experienced instructors ensure a professional transfer of the necessary knowledge, in classical form. For employees who want to specialize in certain parts also, to improve knowledge, for a thorough rehearsal or to train new employees.


  • Customized : Our training option is adapted to your specific tasks. So it's flexible custom work. Our experts help your employees, in a very practical spirit, to improve and extend the use of the platform, to optimize specific processes and to increase efficiency. These training courses are adapted to your requirements, they are suitable for small and large groups and they can be given in several establishments (at national or international level). Toba HR Solutions has several personalized formulas:
    • Classic
    • On request and on site
    • Train the trainer


Trainings @ TobaHR Academy


Each course is in Dutch, lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and costs 300 euros per participant (lunch included). You can register at the bottom of the page.


1. Starter

For beginner planners

To be able to work with Tribe Planner, you will benefit from solid basic training. We will familiarize you with the application and teach you how to use it most effectively. You will know everything about time records and what you can do with them. We guide you through the different messages, so that you can manage on your own with Tribe Planner.

Upcoming trainings:

  • 04/05
  • 01/06
  • 06/07
  • 03/08


2. Experienced

For novice administrators

You already work with Tribe Planner (and Tribe Timer) and you know our training for beginners in all its forms? In this case, you can follow our master training. We will show you additional functions there and tell you everything about personalized checks, meters and service hours. We will look at complex reports and the wish module through ESS.

Upcoming trainings:

  • 20/05
  • 17/06
  • 15/07
  • 19/08


3. HR @TobaHR

For administrators and HR professionals

In the training for administrators, we continue the master training and we make you discover the smallest details. As an administrator, you manage the entire tool and the accounts of your colleagues. In this module, you create tailor-made reports, manage variable ranges and planning codes and much more. The Tribe Planner knows how to navigate through the rights to acquired leave, certificates and specific HR reports. After this training, the Tribe Planner and the Tribe Timer will have no more secrets for you.

  • 18/05
  • 15/06
  • 20/07
  • 17/08


4. IT @TobaHR

For IT employees

In this training, you will examine the Tribe Planner (including Tribe Timer) from above. You will understand its structure and you will learn how elements and arrays interact. We'll show you how to easily pull data from the system and how to quickly search the database using your own SQL. Finally, we will look at specific IT reports.


5. ESS / Workflow @TobaHR

For administrators

After master training, taking a close look at the SSE and the workflows is practical. You configure these flows and adapt them on the basis of the organization chart. In addition, you will discover the module in which your colleagues indicate their own schedule. This module is suitable for all administrators.


6. @TobaHR Reports

For administrators

Tribe Planner and Tribe Timer go hand in hand with data. Thanks to our tool, you can create very extensive or very detailed reports and we are happy to help you. With our models, we put you on the way. You can also write your own reports. Suitable for all administrators.

Upcoming trainings:

  • 03/06


7. Training @TobaHR

For administrators

In the VTO module, you will learn how to implement internal and external training and learning. You will manage these trainings and you will find out what happens when people register. This module is a great addition if you already have experience with Tribe Planner and Tribe Timer.

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