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Get more from your HR products


Get more from your HR products forplanning, registration and people management with the new Toba HRAcademy. The primary focus of our Academy is formal and informal knowledge transfer between our consultants and your employees.


Toba HR Solutions has a wide product range of training for all employees who use our Toba Cube platforms: IT, HR or other departments. The content is tailored to the level: from beginner to master, from specifically HR to specifically IT, from train the trainer to certification.


  • Instructor-led: The way to improve the skills of your staff for more effective use of your platform. Our experienced instructors ensure expert transfer of the required knowledge in traditional form. And for employees who wish to specialise in particular areas, the improvement of their knowledge, a thorough update or the training of new staff.


  • Customized: Our training option is designed for your specific tasks, so it is flexible customisation. Our experts help provide your staff with highly practical support with improving and extending their use of the platform, optimising specific processes and improving efficiency. These training courses are tailored to your requirements, are suitable for small and large groups and may be provided across several sites (nationally or internationally). Toba HR Solutions can provide all possible planning models.
    • Traditional
    • Upon request & on site
    • Train the trainer


Trainings @ TobaHR Academy

The sessions are performed in Dutch from 09h00 to 16h30. Training costs € 300 per participant (lunch included). You can subscribe below.

1. Planner @TobaHR

For future planners

When you try new software, you'll benefit from an extensive interactive training. We'll show you around the Tribe Planner and teach you the most efficient way to use it. We'll also introduce you to time registration. We'll show the possible notifications you can receive. After this session, you can easily use our Tribe Planner independently.

The sessions are scheduled on:

  • 01/12


2. Administrator @TobaHR

For future admins

Already experienced with our Tribe Planner (and Tribe Timer)? Then it’s probably time to take it to the next level. We’ll show you additional features and explain everything you need to know about monitoring, counters and personalised schedules. We’ll introduce you to complex reports and the request module via ESS.

The sessions are scheduled on:

  • 17/12


3. HR @TobaHR

For admins and HR professionals

A flawless pay day involves lots of data. During this training, we’ll categorise and process this data efficiently. The Tribe Planner knows what to do with accumulated vacation rights, certificates and specific HR reports. In this module you’ll also create custom reports, manage flexible working hours and planning codes. After this training, the Tribe Planner and Tribe Timer won’t hold any secrets for you anymore.

  • 15/12


4. IT @TobaHR

For IT workers

During this training, we’ll view the Tribe Planner (including Tribe Timer) top down. You’ll gain insight in its structure and learn how components and tables relate to each other. We’ll show you how to quickly retrieve data from the system and how to search the database based on your own SQLs. To top it off, we’ll focus on specific IT reporting as well.


5. ESS/Workflow @TobaHR

For administrators

We’ll build on the fundamentals of the master training and zoom in on ESS and workflows. You’ll build and adjust these flows based on organisational charts. We’ll have a close look at the module in which your colleagues enter their own agenda. This session is suitable for administrators at all levels.


6. Reporting @TobaHR

For administrators

Our Tribe Planner and Tribe Timer go hand in hand with data. With our tools, you can make very accurate reports, and we’re eager to help you with those. Get started with our templates or prepare your own tailor-made reports. This session is suitable for administrators at all levels.

The sessions are scheduled on: 

  • 03/12


7. Training @TobaHR

For administrators

In the VTO module you’ll implement internal and external trainings. You’ll manage these sessions and discover what happens when people subscribe. This module is a great addition for everyone who is already experienced with the Tribe Planner and Tribe Timer.



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