With our professional services, you extract the maximum from your Toba HR Solutions products. We supply the expertise, tools, services, training and proven methodology so as to help your business to realise its objectives. In fact, you work with skilled partners and experienced professionals who really aim to help you succeed. Our professional services are divided into consultancy, implementation, optimisation and training & certification.


Consultancy Service

Do not waste any time or resources on looking for or trying out solutions that do not work in the end. Let our consultancy service experts bridge the gap between IT and your business. Our approach really does work well, as we have already demonstrated during the last 15 years and we are still doing so every day.


  • Strategy workshops: Our experts examine with you what expectations and goals you have for your organisation. Together we determine the best strategy directed towards achieving or even improving your objectives.  
  • Business process analysis: Our experts assess your business processes with our proven tools and methods. The result: the required advice on where you can improve and where you can become more efficient. In the proper order of priority and with the correct solutions, of course.
  • Creating a roadmap: A trouble-free switchover is good for your business. An implementation plan with all the details and the best sequence for our products and solutions are the basis of success: rapid implementation and simple rollout.
  • Assessments: It is best to detect problems at an early stage. With our assessments you know which areas require adjustment before implementation. So you can relax and be confident that you are well prepared for the switchover.


Implementation Service

With 15 years of experience behind us we know better than anyone else how important a trouble-free switchover is. So our experts use proven methods to ensure that your solution will work right from the start. Your ROI starts on Day One.


  • Project implementation: All help is welcome when you are introducing new systems and solutions. Our team has the right qualifications to move your project forward. So your implementation goes faster and you also achieve the desired result earlier.
  • Readiness services: Prevention is better than a cure, so our experts assess your environment before implementation and commissioning. Here you might think of configurations, external applications, links, applications ... So we know in advance what possible problems might arise and we can take these into account.
  • Integration Services: Together we are stronger. Our experts work with your HR and technical staff so as to seamlessly configure our human capital solutions and to integrate them with external applications (third party links/interfaces).
  • Data migration: No worries with the transfer of data. Our experts combine existing data with the new solutions/data. We assess the existing technology for data gathering and look for opportunities for improvement. So nothing goes missing and you immediately get more out of your system.


Optimisation Services

Toba HR Solutions will keep supporting you after implementation. For instance, we ensure that your solution is not just adopted for day-to-day use but that the application really comes into its own. So you can expand in an optimal manner and create an environment that helps you to grow.


  • Upgrade services: You can benefit even more from the additions and improvements in the new versions of our solutions. We support you throughout the entire process of an upgrade and ensure that any changes have no impact on your performance or availability.
  • Optimisation Services: Our experts propose process and technical improvements to reduce your costs and to improve your performance. They are also happy to pass on the tricks of the trade and the best practice to your teams. With a greater understanding of the opportunities and features of our products and our recommendations for improvements, you can unlock added value and encourage innovation./span>