The platform for the service sector

Guarantees the required flexibility, keeps the professional satisfied with their hours and error-free registration and reporting.


Tobacube Services

Less stress about evening and weekend work, last-minute assignments and planning

Tobacube Services

Total solution which is cheaper than a loose collection of external packages

Tobacube Services

Future-proof products from an absolute frontrunner in innovations

Tobacube Services

A great user experience with a simple and efficient single user interface

Tobacube Services

Constantly top-performing solutions: less repetitive work and more time for added value


The services sector is currently in full (digital) transformation. Customers want to be served ‘now’, they want a solution ‘now’ and the work must be carried out ‘now’. Managing this with mostly freelance professionals is a huge challenge. Where are they going to work, how many hours are they going to work for, when are they available for a new project? Doing this manually is no longer an option. We certainly know all about this as a successful and fast-growing company in the services sector.

No matter how complex a situation is, our Toba Cube Services will find a top performing solution. The error margin when exchanging various information flows has now also been significantly reduced. Discussions about hours, reports and invoices will therefore also decrease.

Our applications are firmly supported by an employee self-service system, whereby freelancers and employees can indicate their wishes and availability themselves. This is done via a modern and user-friendly interface on all devices (from smartphones to tablets). An absolute must in the war for talent.

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