Planning, time registration and HR Management for the retail sector

Provides optimal service schedules, offers correct tracking, monitoring, registration and evaluation of time data.


Tobacube Retail

Total solution, which is cheaper than a loose collection of external packages

Tobacube Retail

Future-proof products from an absolute frontrunner in innovations

Tobacube Retail

A great user experience with a simple and efficient single user interface

Tobacube Retail

Constantly top-performing solutions: less repetitive work and more time for added value

Tobacube Retail

Service and cost efficient personnel planning, both in front of and behind the scenes


Toba Cube Retail executes the complex process for creating optimal personnel planning completely automatically. This process uses the various different business variables, which were established during implementation, but also the business, and volume data, which were recorded on the actual day. Talk about flexibility ...

No matter how complex the situation, our solutions always perform for our customers. The benefits: less repetitive work and therefore more time for work with added value. This will allow the person responsible for production to effectively focus his or her strategy on the company objectives, the deliveries to the customers and the employees’ career needs.

One of the modules within Toba Cube Retail will ensure the job descriptions and competencies will instantly be accessible to everyone and allow for easy adjustments. The competence management therefore becomes a means for further development, performance measurement and the performance of each employee.

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