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Tobacube Care

Market leader: more than 100 hospitals and 400 nursing and care homes think highly of our products

Tobacube Care

Less stress about rotations, time registration, reporting and budgeting

Tobacube Care

Future-proof products from an absolute frontrunner in innovations

Tobacube Care

A great user experience with a simple and efficient single user interface

Tobacube Care

Everything for human capital management in one place: one application, one database



Toba Cube Care is the number 1 application for the healthcare sector, where 80 percent of our turnover is generated. Our solutions are focused on the broad healthcare sector, nursing and care homes, disabled care, general and psychiatric hospitals, but also on homecare and the various different labs.

We look at the ideal working method per department: fully automatic planning or self-scheduling concepts. We can take the patients’ care needs into consideration per department, as well as the required capacity. This will ensure the best possible use of the employees’ competencies, which will also contribute to the overall employee satisfaction.

Virtually everything is very simply organised and set up in line with the users’ needs within our Toba Cube Care. There are no limitations in relation to inspections, codes, requirements management, user-friendliness ... A surgery department has different requirements than an oncology department and even this is taken into account. Our product even has an innovative module for rostering non-payroll employees.

From voluntary work to specialists in healthcare, it is easy to understand why Toba Cube Care is so successful for organisations in healthcare.

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