Proven solutions in planning, time registration and people management

Plus a positive impact on efficiency and costs, time savings and quality.


Toba cube 1

Integrated approach for rotations, time registration, reporting and budgeting


Total solution which is cheaper than a loose collection of external packages


Future-proof products from an absolute frontrunner in innovations


A great user experience with a simple and efficient single user interface


Constantly top-performing solutions: less repetitive work and more time for added value


The keywords for our products are user-friendly, affordable, modular and fully integrated. Done with the stacks of paper and working towards a smooth, digital flow.

No matter how complex the situation, our solutions always perform for our customers. The benefits: less repetitive work and therefore more time for work with added value. Automating human capital processes also helps to reduce errors during the exchange of various information flows (both internally as well as externally).

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