4500 employees make their own planning through Tribe Self

The implementation project has started in 2007 with 4 pilot departments. UZ-Brussels changed simultaneous from social Secretariat and works with X-tend of SD. In 2010 they switched from the time registation to the integrated Tribe Timer.

UZ-Brussels has about 4500 staff members who all work with Tribe Self and about 450 planners. The calculated wage results are read in Tribe Planner in X-tend.
In addition, the personnel data and also import counter readings (holiday, ..) are read into Tribe Planner.

In 2017 UZ Brussel stepped in the new Tribe Manager project, where the organisation is involved in the functional expansion of the package and is part of the Steering Group Tribe Manager.

Screenshot Tribe Planner UZ Brussel               Screenshot Tribe Planner UZ Brussel              Screenshot Tribe Planner UZ Brussel