Time management and planning integrated

Psychiatric Centre PC Caritas was looking for a supplier specialized in planning software and integrated time recording. Goal was to replace the old prick clocks and to organize everything directly from the management of the time registration in the planning software. At a later stage it was important to roll out around access control.

Tobania interacts with EM Group as a supplier for prick clocks but they also do access control, also here the choice at PC Caritas is a cooperation with Tobania and EM Group.

In a first phase the planning software is linked to the integrated time management and PC Caritas has asked for the rollout support.

The second phase of access control is currently ongoing. A third phase: the roll-out of Employee Self Service with the use of pricks for the bicycle fee is currently being considered.

Screenshot Tribe Planner PC Caritas               Screenshot Tribe Planner PC Caritas