Saga Systems becomes Toba HR Solutions. With the new name comes total rebranding: a fresh logo, a distinguishing product portfolio, a separate website and a clearly recognizable positioning in five sectors (the so-called Toba Cubes).


Logo Tobacube CareLogo Tobacube RetailLogo Tobacube IndustryLogo Tobacube LogisticsLogo Tobacube Services


"We truly say goodbye to Saga Systems. Toba HR Solutions is now put on the market as a separate brand. That way, it’s easier for companies and institutions to know what we stand for", Karl Hendrickx says, the driving force behind the innovation. This way, Toba HR Solutions can even more successfully advertise themselves as the specialist in human capital management with innovative solutions for care, retail, service, industry and logistics. 


Logo Tribe TimerLogo Tribe PlannerLogo Tribe SelfLogo Tribe Manager


Toba HR Solutions products are divided into in Tribes: Tribe Planner, Tribe Timer, Tribe Manager and Tribe Self. Of course, they will remain user-friendly, modular, flexible and linkable to external packages. Together, they will automate and streamline all processes in human capital management.

Tribe Self completely meets the current demand of employee self-service: employees can digitally request their needs (for schedules, leave, training, …) and do this from any place or device. And approval? That can be automated as well.

As absolute industry leader in Belgium and Luxembourg, Toba HR Solutions keeps investing in future proof solutions to support organisations in the war for talent. "With this rebranding, it will become even clearer to the market that we are a true frontrunner in automating the managing of human capital. Additionally, we also ready to get even further into the international market.”