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Tribe Timer

How are the hours worked recorded?
Via ticketing or web clocks?
Tribe Timer can handle it all.


Flexible tool integrated with
Tribe Planner

Planners working with Tribe Timer can monitor the ticking of employees and process anomalies immediately. Approval of an anomaly is done directly in the planning or via a performance card. In other words: time registration and planning are integrated, data processing is done directly from one application and from one database.

Many organisations have been using sliding timetables for some time, but the Workable and Agile Work Act recently created a formal framework. Sliding time rosters allow employees to determine the start and end of their working hours themselves. A distinction is made between regular hours (mandatory attendance) and flexible hours (variable). With this change in the law, a lot of fixed timetables are called into question, but with Tribe Timer they are easily adjusted.


Your benefits at a glance

  • One application

    Integrated time recording and planning: from one application and one database.

  • 100% correct

    Correct processing of the hours worked.

  • Up-to-date

    Extremely up-to-date: ready for slipping times, working from home, or other work regimes.

  • Flexible

    Extremely flexible for all forms of input, from trolley to web clock.

  • Web clock

    Easy digital punching through a modern interface via web clock.

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