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Tribe Self

All our products are underpinned by solid employee self-service.


Employees can consult the various modules via all devices.

Employees can also compile their personal schedule, but of course according to the occupancy requirements and rules of the organisation. Using a points system, the employee can compile a preferred schedule and indicate priorities. This makes it possible to compile an optimal schedule that takes into account the input of the individual employees. Our Autoplan module automates this entire process.

With our web application, employees can consult the planning, find their personalised information about leave days, follow up their extra hours or overtime, as well as their personal reports. And all this from any device (laptop, smartphone) from anywhere (even from the terrace). The data to which the employee has access is determined by the set-up of the rights system.

Tribe Self is also available in our dynamic training management tool. Via a clear overview on the catalogue, employees get an overview of the available internal or external training courses. They can register for these themselves. The request not only arrives at the right address, but can also be processed immediately.

Tribe Self can even be used to set up efficient reporting of expense claims or bicycle allowances.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Involvement

    Increases employee engagement.

  • Satisfaction

    Contributes to higher employee satisfaction.

  • Communicating preferences

    Employees can pass on their own preferences.

  • Work-life balance

    Focuses on a better work-life balance for all.

  • Information portal

    Unique information portal for all stakeholders.

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