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Tribe Manager

Careers can be tracked through this integrated platform.

The different modules of Tribe Manager can be combined into one integrated package. The key words are modular, affordable and user-friendly. In short: no hassle. Starting today with a module for digital personnel management and expanding later with specific modules on, for example, training management, evalutation management or competence management? No problem at all. With Tribe Manager, a complete human capital environment can be developed at your own pace.


Digital personnel file

With our digital personnel file in Tribe Manager, all employee data can be managed. A lot of data is already uploaded from the payroll package.

But also diplomas, contracts, certificates and other documents can be managed (and centralised) in this file. This creates a complete digital information file of all employees.

Training management

Tribe Manager also supports organisations in the provision and management of various formal training courses or consultations with the team that qualify as informal training. With the accreditation module in Tribe Manager, both certificates and training courses can be accredited within the various domains.


Competence management

Every organisation requires the necessary competences and skills. But how do employees know what these are? If they want to respond to these and further develop their talents, they must know what the organisation requires. The same applies to job descriptions, which are also not always easy to find, but employees are assessed on them.

Within Tribe Manager, we ensure that job descriptions and competences are immediately accessible to everyone and can easily be updated and adapted to reality. Competency management thus becomes a tool for the further development, performance measurement and performance assessment of each employee.

Evaluation management

Evaluation interviews with employees do not always run smoothly: some managers rarely or never conduct interviews, reports of interviews get lost or too little attention is paid to following up actions or agreements during these interviews.

With Tribe Manager, the user can plan and manage the start and follow-up of the various evaluation moments. The results of the various evaluation moments are stored in a structured way and any action points resulting from the evaluation are registered and actively followed up within the package.


Asset management

Company clothing, laptop, tablet, mobile phone... Every employee has a number of resources at his disposal to be able to do his job. The follow-up of these assets requires a laundry list of administration. Tribe Manager has the appropriate solution with the asset management module. Not only the administrative follow-up is taken care of, but also the corresponding workflows. Soon even the employee will be automatically notified about exchanging, returning, picking up or other actions to be taken.


Your benefits at a glance

  • End-to-end solution

    User-friendly, affordable and modular.

  • Integrated solution

    Integration with more than 50 different external packages is possible.

  • Digital

    Digital support for talent and competence management.

  • Structural

    An oportunity to follow up on evaluations and action points.

  • Employement Lifecycle

    Covers the full employment lifecycle, from recruitment to departure.

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